15 ways to Transform Your Home Office Into A Man-Cave

The way to work well at home is to install a lock on the door and ensure that total efficiency prevails in the space. Right? Well, not so much. Even work-at-home, self-employed types need a little down time comfort in their surroundings.

Make Old Furniture New Again With These 18 Tips

Grandma's chairs, a thrift shop table, and a second-hand buffet can spell high fashion and "haute decor" with a little paint and ingenuity. No special talents are needed -- just old clothes and a paintbrush or spray can.

Survive the End of the World with These 19 DIY Tips

No longer just a stale science fiction plot involving menacing creatures from outer space intent on destroying Earth, the chance that an apocalyptic event occurring today, tomorrow or in the near future is now a very real possibility.