15 Secrets Wealthy People Know About Investing

5374200948_539b10fb1c_bPhoto credit: CC license  by DafneCholet  

Not all rich people started out that way. Nearly all of the world’s billionaire’s created their own wealth. And as each of them will tell you, it’s just as hard work staying rich as it is as getting there. But once they do most of them follow a simple guideline for investing their money that keeps them at the top of extreme wealth lists that you and I read in magazines. Take a look at secrets only the wealthy know about investing.

1. Start today

Whether you buy a $50 bond or you can afford $5,000 in stock, start investing today when you have the money to do so. It doesn’t matter how much you start with, just begin investing. The sooner you start, the quicker your money will be able to grow.

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