Want To Save Money? There’s An App For That

EMHS_iPhone_AppPhoto credit: CC license by via Wikimedia Commons


Pretty much everyone has a smartphone now a days. These handy little devices are a great help when looking for money saving options. Find a product you like in a store, but don’t like the price? Simply type the product name into your smartphone and a list of stores with cheaper price tags pops up. An instant money saver! How do you save money and what details do you need to input to pull up these lists? Download any of these FREE 15 Apps on any smartphone to start saving money and making your life easier!

1. Get an app for your apps

AppShopper makes it easy to stay up-to-date with new apps and prices changes. You can get information about updates to apps you have and get alerts when apps go on sale. You also can review what other users like or dislike about the apps before you buy them. This one is only for iOS users.

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